Here are the services I can provide:

  • Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute & Piano Lessons
  • Jazz Improvisation Lessons
  • Theory Lessons
  • Composition & Arrangement
  • Training towards Associated Board exams
  • Music lessons for enjoyment focusing on music you enjoy playing
  • Lessons for all ages and Abilities
  • Performance- Solo Piano, Saxophone/ Clarinet/ Flute and Piano duo, Piano and vocal duo, Saxophone (etc), Piano and vocal trio, Swing band. 
What you can expect from a lesson:
  •  30 minutes or an hour depending on what you prefer.
  • Free explanation hand outs: sometimes I draw diagrams to explain certain concepts, these are included in the price of a lesson.
  • Free email advice (as long as you are having regular lessons with me). This may include emailing you links to helpful websites or a reminder of an explanation in the lesson. 
  • Free telephone advice, if you are having a problem that is preventing you from practicing and I can help by telephone before your next lesson it's fine to call me or text me. 
  • Stickers for younger students for effort and achievement.
  • Some free form creative music making as time allows. This is a precursor to composition and we can take the ideas to form new compositions which we can then write down, which will develop fluency with music theory.
  • I will tailor the lesson according to your needs and do my best to take into account your personal musical tastes, this becomes easier the more advanced you are in your instrument. As a general guide most "easy"  arrangements of pop music are about grade 3/4 standard. However, I may be able to do easier arrangements for students working at a lower level depending on the song, so please do ask.
Please get in touch with me on 01554 772380 for more details.
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